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G2O Technologies Merges with USALCO

USALCO and G2O Technologies announced today that their Board of Directors unanimously approved a definitive agreement to combine the companies

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Sustainable water solutions you can rely on

At G2O Technologies, we use the power of chemistry to help you deliver the highest-quality water at the lowest cost.

As the leading North American provider of specialty chemicals for Potable, Industrial, and Wastewater Treatment, G2O is built on a foundation of innovative products, customer responsiveness and best-in-class technical expertise.

Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive offering of aluminum and iron-based coagulants, organic polymers and customized blends. Our team of technical experts are ready to help you solve your water treatment challenges, maximize production efficiency, and reduce your environmental impact. We work with leading organizations across the automotive, food and beverage, municipal, paint & pigment, paper, power and oil & gas industries.

Deliver the highest-purity water for your community

Optimize your process and increase throughput

Leverage our expertise to improve efficiency and cost

We’ll help you solve your toughest technical challenges

We know that high-quality raw materials are crucial, but there’s more to your water applications than chemicals alone. That’s why G2O offers a range of technical support services to help you optimize your chemical program and treatment processes.

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Optimizing Water Treatment for Optimal Efficiency

Reducing cost and increasing efficiency is critical for paper manufacturers.

G2O teamed up with one paper mill in the southeast U.S. to identify solutions that would improve the efficiency, cost and regulatory compliance associated with its influent water system.

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Innovative answers to complex water issues

Our reputation in built on solving complex and rapidly evolving water challenges

Sustainability +

Careers at G2O

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team.

Join us and make a difference at G2O.

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The driving force behind water treatment

With manufacturing facilities strategically located around the United States, G2O was built to ensure that you always have access to the chemicals you need. Our business is centered around an expansive distribution network, an in-house trucking fleet, multi-modal delivery options, and a customer service team that prioritizes reliability and safety above all.

With more than 30,000 on-time deliveries each year, our customers trust G2O to deliver.

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